Review of the Sing-A-Long CD Player

Sing-A-Long CD Player

Review of the Sing-A-Long CD Player

Designed for younger children, the Sing-A-Long CD Player features two microphones to allow your little ones to add their voices to their favorite tunes.  It is sturdily built and will stand up to daily use and abuse by children, and is made in bright and attractive colors.

The buttons are nice and chunky making them easy to operate. For its size the speaker has a surprisingly high output and the sound quality is better than many standard CD players.

One issue you do need to be aware of is that when using the microphones the need to be held well away from the unit otherwise you will have to put up with loud screeching feedback.

This model requires 4 “C” batteries which are not included, or if you prefer you can purchase an AC adapter.

Main Features of the Sing-A-Long CD Player

  • Two microphones
  • 45 second anti-skip feature
  • High output speaker
  • 12 key control panel

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What Customers Say About the Sing-A-Long CD Player

Linda Jakresky is a satisfied customer. She has an active 3 year old boy who loves his Sing-A-Long CD player. She remarks that the “sound is better than some of my CD players” and that it is “very sturdy and well made”. Linda concludes that “I did extensive research before my purchase on all the kid CD players. I think I did well”. Linda goes on to give it FIVE stars. You can read the rest of Linda’s review here.

Pamela Welling bought the Sing-A-Long CD Player for her three year old grandson. She was particularly impressed with how sturdy it is, especially as her grandson almost immediately dropped it from a table; it continued to work just fine afterwards. She goes on to describe it as a “great buy”. Pamela goes on to give it FIVE stars. You can read the rest of Pamela’s review here.

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